/Space Linking - Mouse -> Enter

When using the slash command to add a link to a space, I’ve found if I use my trackpad to select a space and then hit ENTER it ends up putting the space from the top of the list in rather than the one I selected further down the list.

This is all on iPad.


Couldn’t you click with the trackpad? On menus on Mac/ipad/windows etc, I believe that the common convention is that you’ve got a pop up list of items (eg a , hovering over them without clicking doesn’t change the selection)

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This is the behavior with clicking. I will click an option, the item will become highlighted, but the menu stays up.

I almost have to double click (it’s inconsistent here) to get the link in the card and still sometimes the menu stays up.

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just released a fix for the click behaiviour

  • type / in a card
  • mouse over one of the options
  • clicking the option

BEFORE: the spacepicker menu stays up
NOW: the spacepicker menu closes

not sure if this is tangential to the original issue though?


This solves it more at the root cause, I think, thank you!

Working through initial tests so far.