`Spaces` Filter Display Today’s Journal

Any chance it would be possible to allow Today’s Journal to still be included when you filter to Spaces? Since you already have logic for the icon I’m hoping it wouldn’t be too hard to implement if others think it a good idea and it wouldn’t confuse people.

A big thing for me is I don’t necessarily want my older journals always showing up in my list, but I do always want to see Today’s. I’d probably permanently stay on Spaces in the filter if this were possible. Only switching when I need to look back historically.

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imo the implementation isn’t the problem so much as the confusion caused by having a filter that seemingly doesn’t filter what it says it does. If more ppl request it perhaps I could add the exclusion or some kind of prefs checkbox for the behavior

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Yeah I figured as much.

Was kind of thinking Inbox and Today could be exceptions to filters and always at the top - so Inbox shows in the Journals filter too. So Inbox, Today, Hearts, everything else.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like people using Journals consistently would likely catch on pretty quickly. And maybe prefer it too… Big thing for me is being able to hide all the older journals from the list easily since they are navigated to less frequently and tend to dominate the list, given I create a journal everyday but a non-journal maybe once a week on average?

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