Spaces with many images becomes slow

I have a space with roughly 120 images and now doing anything in it, creating cards, moving items, editing things has become very unresponsive and slow.

Context: I’m using Kinopio here as a change tracking/brainstorming tool for one of my Magic The Gathering EDH decks, which are 100 card singleton(no duplicates). The visual nature of it has been a huge help, but I can understand if this use-case is a little too niche.


my guess is this is happening because kinopio doesn’t currently resize images that you upload. So if you upload full size images that are 3mb let’s say, then you’ll end up with a huge space.

That said, in the future I plan to start resizing uploads to avoid this issue

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if your images are indeed really large, the short-term solution would be to re-upload smaller versions of the images. You’d do this by

  1. download the original
  2. resize it on your computer and save it with a different file name (eg my-file-resized.jpg).
  3. drag and drop the new image file over the original image card and it should upload and replace it
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