[spec] Tag Spaces

Based on a request space from @kordumb https://kinopio.club/-idea---tag-spaces-example--NVNRG0lKbGWz5fqdqZhmq


  • Tags can be used to connect related cards to each other, but sometimes you want a space thats connected to a tag.

In a ‘tag space’:

  • you can access all the cards with that tag
  • you can provide contextual/background information about that tag more generally


  • This is an advanced power user feature
  • Only one tag space per tag is needed/desired


  • Does not add complexity to Kinopio as a whole, this includes minimizing card or space interfaces that are unique to this feature
  • Is easy to build, by mostly reusing what already exists


  • When you click on a tag, the tagDetails dialog will have a new button to + Tag Space
    Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 4.55.07 PM
  • when clicked a new space will be created with the name of the tag, along with a card containing the [[tag]].
  • the next time you click the tag, the tagDetails dialog will contain a button to jump to the tag space for that tag
  • in your spaces list, tag spaces will visually stand with the tag color. Tag spaces are identical to normal spaces but have a space.tagColor attribute which is used to apply a tag color to them.
    • When the tag color is updated, the space.tagColor attribute is also updated

You’re going to hate me… but can you peruse the below space a bit.

I love the idea you’ve laid out and I’d use it, 100%. It brings a level of whimsy with the additional color and helps me get my stuff organized.

I think what I’d love is what I’m calling a Persistent Tag Card, which the technical difficulty / how doable it is may be a much higher bar. The persistence probably sounds like a small thing since it’s one click away anyways, but removing that click makes navigating around spaces so much more appealing.


yup I saw the persistent tag card, it’s not impossible but making a whole new kind of card is a lot more work than it may seem. Weighing the required work vs how many people will use that work vs the fact that you can already get to the tags list with one additional click makes it hard to justify right now.

After tag spaces exist irl in a more mvp form, we can see how people are using it, and use that insight then to re-evaluate and iterate :slight_smile:


Awesome, and yeah, I figured it’d be a lot more effort.


How is this going to work?

same way as it does now, it’s just a card w that tag that you can click on

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eg tag space https://kinopio.club/-daily-note--kwhoH9blGj4idD7ScNB9P

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Updated with some benefits / use-cases and reasoning for why someone might use Tag Spaces across the bottom.