Sticky Cards Feedback

I really love the new sticky cards. It’s fun to move my mouse over them and have them wiggle. That said I run into the issue that now it’s much harder to click the checkboxes and the connection box.

I would hate to disable it but I do find it a bit of a drop in the ability to easily select stuff without making a mistake.

Possible options:

  1. Provide a setting to disable it (not optimal)
  2. Calculate mouse direction to see if they are going towards a connector/checkbox and disable the wiggle if they are (kind of like this: perhaps?)
  3. Make wiggle more dependent on cursor speed so that if you slow down it stops moving as much? I’m afraid this isn’t the best indicator that you’re trying to connect cards quickly though.
  4. Provide a modifier key you can use to hold down and drag out new selectors (doesn’t help the average person as much though)

Overall I love the commitment to making features that delight and spark joy. Hopefully, we can find a good happy middle ground.



Thanks justgage!

I’ll def be looking at tweaking this soon. Additionally I’ll add a user pref to disable this if i can’t make everyone happy (expect work on this over the next week)


Hi! I was a bit taken aback by the sticky springy cards today. It’s not for me, I find it a bit distracting as I’ve discovered that I “read with the mouse” in my kpo spaces, and so the cards won’t stay still! I would appreciate an account toggle to turn it off :relieved: boring Ste, sorry!


a user reported that the jiggle makes it hard to check todos


Agreed. Tho cool, I found it a bit jarring when moving my cursor around a lot.


one easy thing to try might be having the stickyness only activate if you’ve been hovering over the card for a little amount of time , like 500ms. The ideas being that fidgeting should maybe only happen if you’re in a fidgeting mood, and so that quick/precise movements like flying to the connection button won’t be compromised


as cool as this approach is, I don’t think it would apply very well to the kinopio card context where there are multiple targets/trangulation-points in different/opposite corners (ie connection button in the top right, todo button in the top left).


I just released an update that doesn’t start card sticking until you’ve hovered over the card for 500ms. Let me know what you think


It’s a lot better. Let me sit with it for a few weeks :grin:

Fidgeting works best when you’re in a fidgeting mood~

(from the changenotes)

Too true!


Overall I do think this works a lot better, thanks :clap:.