Support ability to toggle card sizes

Continuing the discussion from Resize to fit card contents on one line:

One idea to help support different types of cards people might be creating (I talked about this in my above post) is to add the ability to toggle card size. I see mainly two sizes being used: current size, and something larger that optimizes for readability by having a better line length.

Iā€™m not so sure i understand the need for this considering that all cards can be resized

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I think part of this is the ease of setting the size. Right now it is manual for every card. A toggle would be an easy way to quickly size and align cards you want to be the same size. This could be similar to the way we can use the last connection type, or how you keep the same card color if you hit enter on a card.

Another feature that would help is alignment options for resize. That is, select a bunch of cards and set all their widths to be the same.