Support payments from India 🇮🇳

Originally reported by @prashant ,

presumably for scam prevention reasons, India’s payment authority now disallows subscription payments from new credit cards issued in India.

This leads to payment denied errors when trying to upgrade your Kinopio account with Indian CCs.

I’ve asked Stripe for guidance because the website recommends multiple solutions on different pages:

  • either adding address field
  • or giving the option for non-recurring payment

I’m not sure if there’s another option as well. My other priorities are not wanting to add unneeded friction/extra-fields for everyone else.

What do other consumer SaaS apps, notion, trello etc. do in India? There may be India specific things that we don’t see over here. Screenshots of the upgrade screens from other consumer SaaSs in India would be v useful

Currently waiting on Stripe’s reply to figure out how to proceed. Suggestions welcome in the meantime

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I’ll roll these updates into the next price increase, coming in a couple weeks or so

  1. Basecamp and 1password, the two other software I use allow us to do a one time purchase or buy a gift card
  2. Does the upcoming price increase affect existing customers or existing subscriptions?
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2. New customers only

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I think it should be worth announce it on Twitter once you decide how much price increase would happen. This should ensure all people on fence will like to lock in


Yup will do,

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heard back from stripe, recurring payments in india is a technically solve-able problem but there’s apparently a bunch of coordination and new APIs required from indian banks - so probably not anytime soon. They also said adding the non-recurring option should work so I’ll go with that, and just have that be an option that anyone can access for yearly upgrades.