Support publishing a space and getting feedback

Started here: Add ability to share a private space as read only


I’d like to be able to publish and work using Kinopio and illicit feedback and comments. Currently, comments are essentially like any other card, so in order to enable them, I need to provide others with a collaborator key, or make the space Open to All.

  • I’d like a mechanism for users to make comments, annotations, feedback that is inline with my content. I could see this done by allowing comment cards anywhere in the space. Another approach is to have comments contained in a box/list of some sort, but allow making connections from comments to core content.
  • I’d like a way to completely hide comments so that the core content can be viewed in its original form. This is kinda like a “published” view. I feel like this should be the primary view.

I can see how the line between comments and core content could be blurry. Sometimes you might want to “promote” a comment to be part of the core content. But that’s kinda secondary to the main feature.

Example use cases

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if ‘groups’ existed and you could make a group with the title or top card called: “leave your comments in here”, could you use that?

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I could use that, but it’d still be missing the aspects that are important to me. I think being able to completely hide comments/annotations is important to having users feel comfortable and want to share their spaces, opening up to feedback. Also, being able to enforce users to only put cards in that list is another important aspect.

Setting aside the current Kinopio implementation, does the general use case make sense to you? That is, being able to invite feedback in a space that doesn’t interfere with the core content. Do you agree that a lot of people who current share their spaces in Explore would use that?

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yes it does

Do you agree that a lot of people who current share their spaces in Explore would use that?

I’m less sure about how common that is, and I’m not sure that most ppl add spaces to explore with the primary intent or desire of having ppl leave comments on it.

e.g. the number of closed spaces is way more than open spaces. And possibly that’s because the comments aren’t cleanly separated – but I also haven’t heard as much feedback about that if as I’d expect if that were the case

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:slight_smile: Yeah, I attribute this to the fact that it’s not possible to do this cleanly. I agree, it wouldn’t be the primary intent, but if it were an option, I think folks would be open to it. I think there’s a spectrum, too. I think having the ability for visitors to “react” with a :heart_eyes: or :+1:t2: would be pretty popular. That’s where my mind is when I was thinking of Explore spaces. These are spaces that people are excited to share with the world. For most of those, people probably aren’t looking for constructive feedback to make changes, but I think getting some feedback/response from the audience would be welcome. Kinda like blog comments, if you ignore the spam and toxicity :stuck_out_tongue:



that’s why I haven’t implemented likes or whatever yet, I think it’s a great idea but I’m not sure if suddenly people will be put in a place where they aren’t getting enough likes on a space and feeling bad. Or comparing themselves to others

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Maybe reactions isn’t the way to go in order to avoid vanity metrics. The way I’m thinking about it is, you already have a way to illicit feedback—Open to All. But this level is super liberal and not for the faint of heart.

What I’m proposing is refining the levels so there is a medium that I believe will appeal to the majority of your users. Two important pieces of this are:

  1. Ability to distinguish and hide annotations
  2. Ability to define who can add annotations.

Personally one reason I want this is to have an area for visitors, new-comers to talk about how we’re using a space in the hopes of inspiring each other. And I feel like this would make spaces more friendly and accessible. Someone could pop in and ask, how does this work? Or cool, can I use this image? etc.