Tag Dialog Sort Behavior

To add to Ben’s two tag topics, when opening a tag dialog, it appears that the order tag instances are shown is by when the space they are in was last visited.

I’d love if this would be sorted by when the card with the tag was last modified.

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Oh is that what is happening?:slight_smile: I’ve never understood the tag order. I always just end up typing it out.

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I thought that was the case after poking around, but looking at it now, I don’t think I’m correct anymore…

Still would like it to be sorted by the most recently modified card… which I believe that data is already coming over when I look at the tag dialog.

Edit: to add some clarity, I don’t want just opening a card in edit mode without any actually changes being made to effect it… which I believe is true for how the last edited time stamp works today anyways…

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