Tags as Headings

Probably a dumb request that wouldn’t be used by others… but if tags could render nicely as a H1, H2, H3 in the header font, but still act as a tag with color… that would be pretty neat…

Part of this is trying to get the txt export to work a bit better for Logseq too… I’ll probably come back when I have some more time to play around with that, but I’ve started exporting my journals (with the Copy to Clipboard) every day and pasting into my pages there… part of that ask will be seeing if we might be able to get the space txt export (jthe same txt with Copy to Clipboard) through the API as well…


not a complete fix, but added a textOnly query parameter to the GET space route

api.kinopio.club/space/SPACEID?textOnly=true will now return just the card text, 1 card name per line. API docs updated with this as well


Couple notes- not anything I think you should spend your time on at the moment, but…

  1. I’m not getting line breaks by card - maybe this is a Shortcuts issue though…
  2. the order cards come through is a bit different than the Copy to Clipboard. I wonder if this logic could be looked at eventually. The Copy to Clipboard box makes more sense to me at the moment.

Have it working great to automatically pull the days cards though.

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Short term ask that would go a long way with my Kinopio → Logseq workflow (just testing this out, so not something to prioritize, but if it’s easy…)

When I use the Export → Copy Content - is it possible to include line breaks between cards?
When I use this:

It pastes as a block rather than individual lines per card:

I don’t expect the order to be perfect, but if these came through with each card/line as a bullet, it would be much easier to reshuffle things. You’ll notice “Journal” has a bullet because it’s H3 in Kinopio, but that’s the exception.

(Let me know if this doesn’t make sense or if it should be posted in it’s own place)

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updated GET /space textOnly to return the cards in the order updatedAt (which I believe is what the client uses) , and to add two line breaks instead of one.

Also updated the export dialog to use two line breaks as well

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 5.22.25 PM

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this might be because shortcuts is doing the GET with a browser that wants html line breaks <br/> instead of \n

In shortcuts there might be some way to get the raw text results from the request instead of the web ones?

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You’re amazing.


Shortcuts order looks good, still doesn’t get the RETURN so you’re probably right about that. I’m looking into how to get raw but no luck so far.

Pasting into Logseq still doesn’t work from the Copy to Clipboard, but it does in Roam so most likely a Logseq app problem.

Really appreciate you taking the time looking into this from your end though. :slight_smile:


i wonder if there are text manipulation apps like https://textsoap.com/mac/ you could use with shortcuts in between getting the server response and sending it to the destination

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