Tags in Closed spaces

I found that clicking on a tag in a Closed space doesn’t show other cards with the same tag. For example on the Kinopio roadmap.

(Can add more details later if necessary)

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does this only happen in closed spaces that you’re not a member or , or also in your own closed spaces?

I tried this on my :seedling: digital garden space, which is Closed. The tag browser works there.


I see the same buggy behavior in your Life tasks space. And I notice that the tag browser briefly flashes before seeing the empty state dialog.

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oh perfect, ya I’ll take a look at that in the next week or so ,


This happens in Open spaces, too. Getting Started With Companion Robots – Kinopio for example:

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I wondered what the heck was happening with that.

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eep, looking into this v soon

thanks for the report!

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so I’m thinking about what the correct thing to show in this case would be if I go to a space made by mary and click a tag called bowwow

  1. show me all of mary’s public bowwow tags
  2. show me my own tags with bowwow (I think this is the current behaviour, which is why it’s blank)
  3. show me all of mary’s public bowwow tags, and show me my own bowwow tags too (in this case, should I differentiate who’s tag/space it is?)

What would you expect to see if Jose created the card with the bowwow tag in Mary’s space? (Jose’s tags? Mary’s tags? my own tags?)


Let’s set aside the case where people are collaborating and developing a folksonomy across Kinopio.

For the most part, tags only make sense to the creator. They have a meaning they are assigning the tag, and that is probably not what someone else means by the same tag. Given that, I would expect:

plus any other tags in this space created by others (because a tag in this space should have the same meaning that mary assigned to it.)

Given what I said about tags above, showing my own bowwow tags would be pretty confusing, unless I was collaborating with mary, or the tag is so generic that it has a universally accepted meaning (like to do maybe. but even then, it would be weird to show my own to do items).

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updated the logic and display of tags

clicking a tag in a space returns all the matching public tags made by all space users (space author, collaborators, and the last user who updated the card).

  • also updated styling: space backgrounds have a consistent/smaller size to keep list items easy to skim
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