Taking inspiration from Scapple - make the same width and others

I have opened Scapple after some time (sad that it was abandoned), and there are some features and interactions that Kinopio could “copy” :).


  • Make cells same width
  • Copy and paste the style using ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v
  • Drag and drop the cell onto another to create a connection - - -
  • Drag and drop the cell onto another with ALT to create a directed connection →

And others. They had really some good ideas at that time!


I like this—I was just wanting this today when I had two cards that were slightly different widths. (I’ve wanted it other times too:) ).

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I don’t think I understand the “drag and drop cell into another to create connection”…

Where does the card end up? How do you handle cards that overlap?

And how is picking up a card and dropping it easier/quicker than dragging a connecting and dropping on a card?

Love the style and width ideas though.

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