Unable to drag an empty Box on mobile

Repro Steps:
Mobile Device, reproduced on Galaxy s23 Ultra, and Talaxy Tab s9 Ultra.

  • Draw a Box.
  • Try to Drag the box around.
  • Select the Box-title area.
  • Try to Drag the box aroiund.

Observed Result: The background is dragged.

I can drag a box by having at least one card in it, paint selecting both, and then dragging the card. The box is still not directly draggable. This is especially bad because the paint-select-edit popup often hides the card.

are you able to drag an empty box by press and holding on the box title? (similar to dragging a single card around). Want to figure out if this is an issue with box dragging or multiple box dragging

There is definitely a difference in behavior between cards and boxes. Short click+drag grabs cards fine, but not box titles. If I click & hold, then both cards & boxes highlight as selected and I can drag both (box by the title).