Undo after moving Cards into different spaces

I created a number of cards starting in the (0, 0) position. When I moved them onto another board, they overlapped. Unfortunately, there’s no undo button so I instantly regretted my decision. It was a mess to try to separate back out my work without losing any data and positioning.

Ideally, there would be an undo move button AND/OR the cards are grouped when they are moved so I can drag them into another section after I merge multiple boards together.


Hi @araiguma, I’m sorry to hear that. I agree, moving cards to another space can be precarious because it’s easy for them to overlap with what’s already there.

Being able to undo here would be good.

I also wish there were a way to manipulate them after the move, like the group idea you mentioned. A related idea I’ve had before: a staging area that’s separate from the main space where you can hold cards.

This situation is similar to when someone uses the API to create cards. I think they get a default x and y, but there’s no way to keep it separate from the existing cards. In this API use case, you also want a way to filter/select those cards that were added via the API.

These are use cases to consider when implementing card grouping.

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Unhelpful anecdote to the topic…

The API is actually surprisingly smart / good at this.

I have two different workflows to send cards to Kinopio and they have different X coordinates designated, but no Y.

So workflow one is on the left of the space, workflow two, the right. Then when a second or third card comes in, Kinopio will move each subsequent addition a bit further down Y axis than the previous. They still overlap a bit, but it’s a nice stack that makes it easy to manage.


For the future, an alternative path might be to select the group of cards and use CTRL + C (or CMD + C, depending on your CPU) rather than the “Copy to Another Space” button.

Then in the designated space, you can use CTRL + V and the cards will come through highlighted so you can select one and immediately move the group to a place that is easier to organize.


Unfortunately, this does not copy the connectors over–only the cards.


Ah that’s fair. Depending on how connected the cards are CMD + click might be helpful if you aren’t familiar. It will select all the cards connected to the card you selected, so you might be able to get large portions of cards moved with a little bit less pain.


Thanks! I did not know that one!


This has been improved: https://twitter.com/KinopioClub/status/1542597788193722369

Also note that if you select the connections, they will also be copied (assuming their start and end cards are included in the selection).

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I’m loving the new update! Thanks!