Update Journal Prompts Through API

Super niche and I’m going to do a terrible job explaining my scenario as it’s probably a bit convoluted and only applicable to a single user (me =))…

But what if I could change out the prompts through the API. It’d probably be difficult to swap prompts (presumably) so I’m imagining passing a list separated by RETURNs, but also… maybe they could have numbered values so prompt1, prompt2, prompt3, so I could specify which specific prompt line to adjust…?

Okay so the reason why…

The main prompts I use are [[Month Year]], “Yesterday:”, and “Tomorrow:” (and maybe a link to the weeks Work space).

I’m thinking I could run a quick automation on a nightly basis that updates the month (when necessary), adjusts a space link in the “Yesterday:” prompt so it would already include the link rather than having to add it everyday, (and maybe update the Work space link at the beginning of the week and remove for the weekend).

(I wouldn’t need to update the “Tomorrow:” card prompt because technically I make every space a day early and wouldn’t have Wednesday’s space made yet on Monday when Tuesday’s space is made… if that’s confusing it doesn’t matter, I’d handle the day logic easily on my end…)

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It might be easier to create a space using a placeholder text card like ‘tomorrow:’ and then run an api script that dynamically replaces them with the text and links you want?


A little tough on iPad… I have the prompt with the base text already. Was just an idea to make adding / updating links and tags there a little easier. Totally niche though.