What color should bold be? and tags

These are some rough thoughts. First, on tags. Tags are a cool feature in theory in that it lets you see cards in other spaces in the context of the current space. So they provide a way to link between spaces.

Another way that they are practically useful is as emphasis for a certain word or phrase. You can kinda use them as a replacement for bold.

Something I worry about is, since tags work across spaces, they exist in the “global” namespace (where global means all my own spaces). And so, especially if you’re using them as emphasis, you may risk polluting that namespace with lots of tags that are not really meant for inter-space linking and categorization. This hasn’t really presented a problem to me (and maybe it never will). It kinda bothers me that sometimes when I create a tag, it is for emphasis rather than for creating a category.

That got me thinking, given the recent change to the background color for bold styling (from cyan to white) that…what if we allowed users to customize the color of bold for every instance of bold. That way, if someone wants to emphasize some text with a particular color to make it pop (which people currently accomplish with tags), now they have a way to more directly do that. Then tags could be reserved for creating categories, and you wouldn’t have a mix of tags where some of just for styling some text.

I know there are a lot of UI questions this raises. I can see it being confusing that there are two ways to have text emphasized with a different background color. And how would you define the color of bold? Click on the bolded text? Then it will really feel like a tag. Et cetera. But regardless, wanted to see what others thought :slight_smile:

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i like the inverted option because you can’t get this color w tags, and it’s v high contrast to stand out even more so i’ll try that

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 9.18.38 AM


So far, I think I am definitely liking this best. It pops enough in a bold-like manner, without being highlighter burn-your-eyes-out-bright, and doesn’t conflict with the color of tags.