Zoom Bar on iPad

When you first open Kinopio on iPad the zoom bar in the bottom right is present.

It’ll even stay when moving between spaces.

But as soon as you pinch (on the screen or with the trackpad) to zoom in or out, it disappears and you have to force quit and reopen to get it back.

It’d be great if it could remain as it’s the only way to zoom out in a space (pinching to zoom out doesn’t actually work, but zooming in does.)


i could show the zoom bar on ipad pretty easily , but having both pinch zoom and bar zoom zooming together causes some wild bugs that I would need to fix first, making this a larger task. Fixing this may also be helpful on windows touch screens too possibly


Yeah, wouldn’t consider this a priority either. Just a nice to have because there’s not really a good way to zoom out and get a bigger picture on iPad right now.

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filed as a duplicate of Starting a touch interaction on a touchscreen computer activates mobile view (re zoom) , future updates will be in that thread

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