Zoom dialog position fixes, and more

Still on the little things,

Today’s fixes and updates:

  • as you zoom, dialog positions for tags, links, and paint actions are dynamically recalculated
  • if you load a space where the top left card is out of your viewport, then the page automatically scrolls so you’re not met with emptiness (especially helpful on mobile, for spaces like https://kinopio.club/early-moments-on-futureland-kxBXTDALD4j9OtZNHlpAk and https://kinopio.club/dream-XJdVh3ROHWOAoTK2DEz0r
  • when you add a card on another person’s space, you’ll see a subtle/temporal notification reminding you that you can :black_heart:favorite the space to follow it’s updates
  • started work on moving the kinopio business entity from usa to canada (for dumb immigration reasons)
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