A way to provide feedback to space creator

I know you’ve toyed with comments a bit. Here’s a narrower use case that may or may not use a general comment feature:

I see a cool space, and I just want to tell the creator, this is dope. This happened today with creative-coding – Kinopio.

Maybe it’s a matter of allowing people to share a contact in their profile. Or ability to add a comment somewhere, even on a Closed space.



The trick is to enable that feeling without opening the doors to spam or abuse, some ideas

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This one is particularly fun and in keeping with kinopio’s vibe:) The others are simple but good ways to give feedback, too.

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to help me define the interface for a composable chat, what kind of things would you hypothetically want to say to someone in these scenarios:?

  • You’re a live spectator, while the space authors are in the space too
  • you’re an async visitor, you’re the only one around (possibly other spectators are there too)
  • you’re an invited collaborator editing the space, maybe during a meeting
  • you’re a visitor to an open space so you can also edit too
  • you’re the author and other spectators show up while you’re editing
  • other scenarios?
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