After selection, can't move cards

I have been seeing this problem a little more, recently. I will go to select some cards, and then I am unable to move them. I see console errors about things either being null or undefined.

It just happened again. Here’s a video…

were the cards selected by painting them or command clicking? is this space public, if so can you send me a link?

do you only see this in firefox? do you see this on all spaces or just this specific one?


I can DM you with collaborator key

Not sure about browser, my gut says it’s not only firefox. It’s not just this specific space. It feels like a timing thing / race condition. The kind of thing that happens every now and then.

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in this screenshot do you remember/or can you bring up what the first console error in this sequence was?

couldn’t repro but I added a potential fix, let me know if you see this later on

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