"Align left and distribute" button functionality broken

This button is not functioning properly, both in alignment and in repeatability. Using Firefox 108.0b9

Example 1: aligns differently every time I click the “align left and distribute” and lets me click it multiple times

Example 2: allows me to align, click off the cards, re-select, and click align again. It should know they are already aligned


This has also caused connections to render improperly. Upon reloading, the connections from some of these cards I was messing around with aligning as shown previously are now completely pointing to the wrong location. Here is an example showing that these connections are actually still “connected” to the cards even if they don’t look like it.


I was having trouble repro-ing this, but I released a possible fix. I think the connection issue you were having was related to a seperate optimization issue which should also be fixed

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Still seeing issues with this. It appears to work correctly when on 100% zoom, but when going down to 90% zoom it stack cards on top of each other.


I’ll take a look using this at different zoom levels when I can , thanks for letting me know.

Changed this thread back to support, was previously marked as completed

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