Alternate languages for journal prompt of the day

Does the Prompt of the Day on the Diary page only support GPT generation that can’t be customized and the language can’t be changed? I am a Chinese and I am using kinopio in Chinese, is there any way to customize it or change its language?

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Yes, that’s currently the case, I believe.

You can, of course, add your own prompts, but those don’t change.

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other language support for prompts is something i’d like to add in the future, but it’s a big effort so the more ppl who chime in saying they want this (and what language they want) the higher i can prioritize it

in the meantime, if it’s helpful , here’s how i’m generating daily prompts:

      const type = _.sample(types)
      let messages = [
          role: "system",
          content: "You are a friend who improves the lives of others. never refer to yourself."
        }, {
          role: "user",
          "content": `short random ${type} journaling prompt. Prompt must be less than 250 characters long`
      const response = await{
        model: 'gpt-4',

i run this once a day and the generated journal prompt is what everyone currently uses (way cheaper than generating a journal prompt on demand every time a journal is created, but this also makes customizations tricky)

hey @Kodokusha

can you let me know what the quality level of this chatgpt translation is like?