Apple Pencil Support (card closes when pencil writing near page edge)

Don’t know if this is something you can actually control or if it’s just a system thing.

I’ve been trying again to use the Apple Pencil to write text in cards, but Kinopio is super quick to close the editor when my writing gets outside the little text editor. If Kinopio had a way to recognize I was writing with an Apple Pencil and keep the editor open longer, that would be amazing.


by editor you mean the card input field? i’ll look into this

does the card close when your pen is in a particular position? e.g. outside the card input? or if you tap with the pencil outside of the card? (web browsers can’t distinguish between pencil and touch)


Yeah, it lets you go outside the card a little bit, but closes super quickly. I’ll play around (and record) to see if it’s a timing thing or a position thing.

This is what I was worried about. No need to put too much attention into if that’s the case. I’m guessing its iOS that determines if I’m still writing or not and is just quick to move back into “touch mode” vs “writing mode”.

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this might not only be limited to pencil, so anything you can uncover about this behavior would def be useful

3 Likes - video I forgot to upload previously.

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oh that’s v helpful, it looks like the autoscrolling (which happens cuz the painting is being accidently triggered near the edge of the page) is interrupting the text input.

I’ll move this thread into the bug report category