Box select origin is static

When doing a shift-drag to box select, the origin point of the box is not resetting.

reported by rine

I can repro on the mac app.

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Any repro steps to get to this state?

I am just doing a box select, clearing that out, and then doing another box select. The second time, the starting point is already set so my cursor ends up being the second point. btw, I see this in the console:

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still couldn’t repro, but just added a potential fix based on the log errors. lmk if the errors still persist after a refresh in 5 mins

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I’m still seeing the problem and the console errors. I saw the console errors even when the box select was working, so they might not be directly related.

The error doesn’t happen 100%, but definitely easy enough to reproduce after just a few tries.

This is on the mac app.

Could you share the url for the space you’re getting these issues on, if it’s public?

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repro found (was a chrome only issue related to
). fix shipped

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Thank you. It is fixed now.
I found the issue in Firefox and the Windows 10 app though.