Brainstorming: Backpack for notes

There was this nice idea for sidebar with notes. That would be definitely something useful but maybe not completely aligned with the current design philosophy of Kinopio.

However, maybe one could create something like a lovely little backpack:
image .
When clicked on it, a window would appear similar to other UI elements and one could drag and drop a card there in order to reuse it elsewhere.

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Or probably better than drag and drop would be to have in “copy” dialog “copy to backpack” :slight_smile:

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Possible position for the backpack could be, e.g., on top right. image

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Reminds me a bit of mymind (and other apps) where they have a shelf you can drag things in to kind of have a temporary saved space so you can use them later.

Curious what kind of use cases you imagine here though and why this would be different than just having a dedicated space you could save things to with the copy to or move to function.

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The big one for me is having a mechanism where the shelf is easy to access across spaces. That’s a much smoother workflow than having two spaces in two windows or tabs. Currently it is a lot of clicking, whereas I envision a shelf that 1) gives me an area to quickly enter cards without worrying about placing them, and 2) I can pull up in any space and simply drag onto the canvas.


Ah yeah that makes a lot of sense and could be a really cool workflow with drag and drop.