Bug Report: Alternate Header Fonts Revert to Default

Unfortunately I can’t figure out a way to consistently reproduce this bug. Essentially, I have several spaces with a few boxes and a few text cards that are all set as H1 / H2 with different fonts. After some amount of time (inconsistent) and some amount of clicking between different boards, all of the boxes and some of the text cards will revert back to the default font (Recoleta).

It seems like it might be time-based – I just went back to a tab where I’d updated the box H1 fonts to Shinka, after having been on different tabs for 10+ minutes, and when I reloaded the page every single box H1 had reverted back to Recoleta.

The box H1 reversion happens more frequently than the text card reversion; I have about 150 cards (the vast majority of them are H2) and only some of those text cards at the bottom and right of the board revert to Recoleta.

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I’ve encountered this too: Discord

Can you share a space url that you’ve seen this happen in?

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fix released, sorry about that!