Card Header Fonts (attempt #3~)

here’s a WIP interface for changing h1 and h2 fonts in a cardl. The fonts button is only visible/useful when h1 or h2 is activated

CleanShot 2024-02-29 at 11.10.40

I’m still not sure though if we should allow multiple different header fonts in a single space (could be potentially a lot of font files to download), or whether a space should be limited to a single header font (so if you change the font in one card, it’ll change all the other header fonts in that space. Thoughts?

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I think it would be potentially chaotic with multiple heading fonts. I would probably not use that.

If it’s one heading font per space, the setting should be with the other space settings, though.

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Oh really? So font settings shouldn’t be in the card but only accessible from space settings? I think I get the logic. The downside is that it might be too abstract a setting from space settings because unless you have headers, nothing will appear to change.


Yeah, I agree, it would be hard to discover/find. I guess you have to balance that with the fact that, if you change the font in one card, it will change in another card (with a heading), which would be very unexpected.

that said, I think doing it inline might be the net win because:

  • in the font picker dialog, i could mention that this will affect all cards in the space
  • even if you don’t read that, when you see the other cards in a space change once or twice, it’s an easy thing to learn
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