Card image paste from buffer

I really wish to have an ability to make quick screenshot and paste image into new card. It’s 100 times faster than anything else :slight_smile:
BTW. I could do this in this forum, but can’t inside kinopio.

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I do this all the time. If you have an image on your clipboard, then create a new card, and in that dialog, paste. It will upload the image to Kinopio’s server and show a preview of the image.


In my opinion, I think that is out of scope for something Kinopio should do. This functionality is built-in to most operating systems. For example, on macOS, I use Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+4.

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Yeah, I meant exactly that, no need for extra screenshot functionality!

Just expected to see it in :tulip: menu, maybe there should be a short tip about this

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the ‘paste a url’ is supposed to hint at that but I guess most ppl would think of urls as only website links?

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 10.21.09 AM

I’ll look into adding a tip to the images menu, esp if more ppl have issues w this

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