Card moved suddenly

I initially came to report what I thought to be a card disappearing from under my cursor. What I observed was, I put my cursor near a card I recently created, and I think I was trying to click on it, or click near it. As soon as I did that, it disappeared. After investigating the logs, I observed that somehow its position was changed—the y value went to 0, so sure enough, when I scrolled up in the space it was there. Here is a screenshot of the logs:

The card id is D4UoKhy3fq7TgcAdRHJZN, the text is “On and On”. No console errors, no collaborators, no other clients. Just a weird occurrence…

yup i see the same thing in the server logs as well. Looks to be a client error, if we see this again maybe we’ll be able to figure out how to repro (and thus fix)

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Gonna close this since I haven’t seen it in a long time.

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