Card position reset to 0, 0, out of sync

I had a collaboration session with my team. I have two windows of Safari on my laptop to the same space. The position of one of the cards is different in the spaces. When I move that card in one space, it gets moved relatively on the other, but the position remains out of sync. I guess this makes sense if you are only broadcasting the delta…

I don’t know how we got into this state, but it has happened almost every time I’ve had a collaboration sessions. That is, some cards seem to get their x y position reset to 0, 0 and end up in the upper-right corner. We then have to go and drag them out. I would imagine if everyone were to refresh their browser, any discrepancies would be fixed, but we didn’t have the time to troubleshoot.

I don’t have steps to reproduce right now. If I have time, I can try to isolate and add them here.

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Hmm def something I’ll look into , thanks for the details