Card with lots of new lines hangs

I was trying to reproduce Long `Ctrl + Enter` breaks the UI and I ran into another (maybe related) bug. Steps:

  1. (On Vivaldi browser) create a new card:

  1. As soon as I hit backspace, the browser hangs. If I wait long enough (2-3 minutes), the JavaScript finishes running. I did a profile I saw that it was related to trim() being called a lot?

I went to my phone and edited this same card, and I was able to delete characters from the name there with no problems.

This occurs on both Vue 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

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I made a recording of it using this new tool called Replay:

I reproduced in Vivaldi and Firefox. Safari on desktop and iOS both are okay.

Sweet, I’ll get to this in my next bug fixing pass

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I just reproed this bug again and on Microsoft Edge, it completed locked up the browser. I couldn’t load the space anymore. I had to go delete the card in Safari and delete this space from localStorage.

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Thanks for the reminder, will look into today

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i’m having trouble repro-ing this,

  1. using vivaldi
  2. i copy in the quoted text above

  1. i hit backspace (and tried other inputs too)
  2. the browser remains responsive, instead of locking up (i tried this on both dev and prod envs)

did i miss something?

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Can you try a few more empty lines? You are right, when I pasted that text, it was responsive. But after I added about 10 more lines, it started to slow down. If I add more, it starts to lock up.

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cool was able to repro,
fix released

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