Cards unexpectedly delected

I tried to use the keyboard for the card editing. I open the card with enter, change the focus with tab and click enter. And that moment the whole card is deleted. If this is intentional behaviour, it is quite confusing. There is no undo.

Tested a couple of times on Edge on Windows.

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when you opened the card did you type anything in it? I’m guessing somethign is triggering the card to close and closed empty cards get deleted (so that errant click to create empty cards don’t clutter things up). Anyways I’ll take a look and fix this bug

To reproduce, click to create a new card with a mouse.
Write “test”
Hit tab.
Hit enter.

The card will dissapear. This happens also if you select an existing card, hit tab and then enter.

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oh ic what’s happening when you hit tab the focus is moving to the red delete button right below the text field. And of course, enter activates that button. (I was able to undo that tho.). There is a focus indicator (it’s the button hover effect), but I admit that it could be less subtle.

The behaviour seems to make sense in this context tho. What did you expect this to do?

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