Connection suggestions

I love connections I think they are kinopio’s most unique feature and I have a few suggestions for your consideration

connection arrange/layers hierarchy:
I think it would be useful and neat to arrange the connections in the selection list, by drag and dropping perhaps, as some connections are used more than others, ( maybe dropping outside the list would delete the connection too)

and that would function as a hierarchy list of what connections overlay which, like photoshop layers, youd choose which connection is on top of which i hope this makes sense.
sometimes i want a connection to overlay another (if its more important for example) and as far i know the only to do that is to delete a connection and draw a new one over it. from what i can tell the latest connection is the one on top.

connection on both sides of cards:
I understand that kinopio has minimalist clutter free design easy to understand and use approach but i really would like connections on both sides of cards to considered.
there are times i wish i was able to connect to a card from the left side as well as the right side for the sake of having the connections look neat and tidy. and being able to read them more easily after all english is read from left to right it would make sense for your eyes to follow a connection from the right at the end of sentence/last word word of a card from the right side to the left of another card and immediately start reading.

moving connections around:
i personally dont like when connections are covered by images or other cards so a way to move the connections around a little to move them as i like would be useful perhaps click and drag a certain part of the connection.


also was wondering why when there are two cards, one on top and one on the bottom, the connection is different when connecting from the top to bottom and from the bottom to the top?

i think having consistent/predictable connection behaviour would be neat for people like me who are very specific
this is most noticeable when connecting a main card on top to several rows on the bottom with similar size

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They are different because of the directionality. Sometimes this is useful so you can see there are connections going both ways. I admit this is super subtle. @pirijan said he has some ambitious plans around this so let’s see what he says :wink:


This is something @pirijan wants to fix (