Copying template is read only

can copy template and new space persists, but it’s read-only.

reported by Dan via email:

This is not urgent, but I’ve noticed odd behavior here consistently, so I wanted to pass this along.

Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

If useful, the URL of the template I’m copying is: Kinopio – Thinking Canvas

Let me know if I can provide more info to help troubleshoot this. Thanks!

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just released a fix for this. can you let me know if this works for you now?

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I’m seeing issues here:

  • you can see I get the error, immediately followed by the green message that the “copy” is ready.

  • but then you can see the space is opened as “Read Only” and it’s now “copy copy”…

Cards also seem to hop around. I think my template ended up having cards in the place one of the copies had them… which I reverted in the template, but then the next copy had the cards in both places… I need to look into this more before knowing for sure what’s happening…


Reopened thx

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still seeing some really weird behavior with templates, and it’s making them almost unusable. Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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:articulated_lorry: rewrote space duplicating , it now works in my testing and also now happens immediately without needing a loading time. Let me know how it goes