Daily Journal / Roam-like Functionality

Three things from Roam that I’d love to see similar functionality in Kinopio to make using the Daily Journals more functional for me:

  • Keyboard Shortcut to Today's Journal

    • Roam uses Shift + Ctrl + D - any way to be able to jump to the day’s Space would be great (same way that https://kinopio.club/journal does).
  • An even quicker way to link to Today's Journal from other spaces.

    • The / command is great, but since the journal title’s look alike my eyes can play tricks on me when trying to select today’s journal. Either having a way to always have the most recent journal on top or using something like the “/today” command that Roam uses would be awesome.
  • Public URL to go to Today's Journal

    • Based on the first item, it would be cool if something like https://kinopio.club/humdrum/journal could be shared with friends to see the most recent pubic Daily Journal space without having to give a new link everyday.

Background: As I’ve been spinning my wheels thinking about how I can incorporate Kinopio into my life more, moving some of my Roam usecases over has been top of mind, especially around Journals / Daily Notes. These three things are huge Quality of Life improvements (at least 1 & 2…)

I don’t want Kinopio to mimic or try to be Roam (I know you wouldn’t do that anyways), but small things to make navigating to and utilizing the Daily Journals would be a big win.


presumably this creates a journal space if one doesn’t already exist for the day?


side question: do you use the journal prompt packs (everyday etc)? If so do you find them useful? would you want more packs?

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Yup, I’d imagine it working just like the /journal link today. Takes you to today’s or creates it if it doesn’t exist yet.

For journal packs, I used to use them. I turned them off a bit ago (or at least tried) because I felt like I was going through the same thing after awhile. I liked the feeling of them showing something new everyday. (Obviously I know they have to repeat at some point)

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so if there were new packs, and new questions in existing packs, you’d be more likely to use them?

I turned them off a bit ago (or at least tried)

fixing this for you is def on my radar :smiley:

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So in terms of fixing that, I tried replacing them and the replacements are working… (so hopefully I didn’t mess up the troubleshooting)

But to answer your question, probably.

I’m trying out having two journal spaces, one for my public notebook, one for work (which has the title updated with "Work - ") and I’m thinking if I continue down this path, do I want to have to delete the prompts from the work space everyday?

(Thinking out loud…) but I have a “work” tag and “daily note” tag in the prompts now, so I’m already deleting one, then maybe deleting the prompts wouldn’t be a huge pain since it’d still be one function of just painting the “daily note” tag with the prompts at once…

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this is actually a good clue, that edits work but deletes didn’t

To give a little bit more detail, I went from three default prompts to my two prompts with tags and it worked without the third coming back from the dead.

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