Drag and Drop Cards from Search

via Discord

It would be great to have the ability to drag and drop a card from the search list into the canvas to create a link to that card or to move it within the current space

I also love this idea to make linking cards much easier since it’s still a bit tedious today which makes me use it a bit less than I normally would for this type of feature.


thx , ya this is def something I want to do eventually. It’s part of a multi-step plan for being able to ctrl-drag to duplicate cards and also drag items into spaces from most dialog lists


I know this is much further out as a possibility (if at all), but dragging and dropping cards between spaces would be incredible. I don’t know if browser capabilities would prevent this completely though…

But if you could open two tabs in the Kinopio app, two separate browser windows, or split screen in a browser like Arc and then be able to manipulate and move/copy cards between the spaces could be incredible.