Drawing in Kinopio [Draw box]

Kinopio is helping me greatly to think visually, but if there’s one thing I’m missing is the possibility to jot down a simple image or diagram of something.

One way to do it could be to have 1 more box button (a Draw Box) that allows us to draw and sketch in it.
You’d draw the box and then only within that box, the cursor-trail would actually ‘paint’ something and not disappear.
Something very basic would do, even only 1 color and 1 brush-size.

Just to be able to quickly jot down some visual imagery, without having to open another program to draw and then paste it (which gets grueling if you do it a lot).


This would help a lot!


Hey Kirnoi, you’re right and drawing is easily the most requested feature on the roadmap so it’ll be the next major project. Curious to why you only want to be able to draw in a box?

How would you handle a scenario where you want to paint select multiple cards but they’re inside a draw box?

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Apologies for the repeated question in that case!
The box idea was simply because it seemed like a possibly easier way to implement the feature, but being able to draw freely across the whole board would definitely be better and it would add a lot more interesting possibilities.


makes sense, thanks!

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