Export: Tag Dialog (half-baked)

I use Tags quite a lot, but don’t quiet love the utility yet.

Pinning is nice, but I still don’t actually feel like I can use them to my benefit. (Especially in regards to really building out a system for myself in staying organized within Kinopio)

(Somewhat related to my Tag Spaces idea, which I’m sure you are tired of me mentioning)

But I think being able to export the tag dialog into csv would be a big step forward for me to try to get the bigger picture and filter around when, what, etc. for using a specific tag.


Some only somewhat related background for why tags feel more useful in something like Roam to me:

When clicking a tag in Roam/Logseq I get to go a dedicated place for that tag. I can add some notes there (sometimes even other tags), and then every mention of that tag is listed and behaves how I expect it. Lastly, I can then filter the mentions by other tags–making it so useful to find things.

In Kinopio, maybe it’s because it’s just a small dialog box, but it doesn’t feel permanent to me, and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the behavior for how they are listed. And obviously can’t filter.

Just some food for thought…


What do you mean by filtering? You can type at the top of the tag list in the tag list to filter the results


Sorry for the delay.

Search is nice, (and I don’t think others use tags this way), but being able to filter out or in specific other tags within the results of the tag dialog is what I was getting at.

For example, I had to break out my journal tags to be [[January 2022]] rather than [[January]] because my non-journal spaces would be difficult to find from [[January]]. If I could open [[January]] and filter in/out [[Daily Note]] There would be more flexibility.

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Sort of unrelated, but I wonder if Links could act more like Tags, give color and be able to click it to see everywhere the link was mentioned the same way the tag dialog within a card works.

I really want every tag to basically have a space. I use tags to link things together, but they also mean something themselves and I want to put info in a space dedicated to that tag.

Yes, I could create a space and have that as my “tag space”, but navigating between spaces becomes a little convoluted. I either continue to use tags and then still have to dig around to find the right space or just use Links, but then I don’t have access to the tag dialog anymore…

Hope that makes sense.