💡 Feature idea: show precise update timestamp somewhere

Currently, the relative times that show with the Updated filter have the precision of hours to a day. If I created one card 24 hours ago or 28 hours ago, I think they will both show as “1 day ago”. It would be nice if I could see a more precise timestamp (in absolute format) sometimes. For example, if I’m doing a brain dump of some sequential thoughts, and those cards get rearranged, I could use the timestamp to put them back in chronological order.

Perhaps this information can be always displayed in the edit card dialog below the buttons. That way it doesn’t complicate the card view at all.

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do you have an absolute timestamp formatting preference? something like mm/dd/yy hh:mm ?

I definitely prefer YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601) for the date portion. For time, hh:mm is what I was thinking.

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wip prototype, the labels on the card have a visual affordance(shadow) to appear clickable.

when you click the date it’ll toggle between relative and absolute formats. Your format preference is persistent.

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for performance and localization reasons, the time format uses the native js new Date(date).toLocaleString() which looks like mm/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss AM on my :us: computer