Haunted connection labels

This is a placeholder for the bug report that was posted on Discord 2023-12-19 and I promise to add relevant details when body is less haunted

Here’s an edit url for the space in question Kinopio – Thinking Canvas


discord thread link:

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I was just editing this space and cleaned up all the connection labels.

Confirmed that no labels were in the upper left corner.

Then opened the space in the iOS app

BAM. Labels are piled up in the upper left.

If you force quit the app are the labels still bunched up?

yes they are

potential fix shipped, but it’s hard for me to repro this reliably so let me know how it looks on your end

Partial fix, it seems

Opened the space on desktop, verified labels in place near the top:

opened in iOS (made sure the app wasn’t running), and there is no pile of tiny labels in the upper left corner: good.

There are no labels to be seen, though.

And the labels are missing everywhere on the desktop view as well. And whereas before, if a label vanished, I could move the card slightly and get it back, now the labels are just gone, regardless of whether show label is selected.

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fix updated, let me know

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Partial fix but better!

Same steps: opened on desktop, closed, opened on iOS.

In iOS, no labels are shown.

Labels at the start of the space stay in place on desktop. Below that, labels have vanished, but selecting everything and nudging location slightly brings them back.

My guess is that my iPhone XS is ancient and has a bum battery, and its tiny processor just can’t somehow. And then something something I don’t know.

BUT, this is an improvement, and thank you for continuing to attempt to fix a bug you can’t reproduce.

shipped another potential fix. In theory, every-time you scroll, the labels check if the dom element for the connection line is visible and if will render themselves if it is. I was able to repro that last issue and solve it on my end. let me know how it goes for you

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I think it’s working?

Need to test with a few more spaces tomorrow when I have my phone but, I think so!

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tentative huzzah

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