Help me make room as I add cards to a space

This is not quite a feature request yet because I don’t know the specifics of what to ask, so just kicking off with some thoughts that others can chime in on :slight_smile:

Use case: I have a space around a certain topic, let’s say my weekly conversations with my boss. I like to write down notes for each meeting, maybe some questions I want to bring to her, etc. I would like the most recent topics to be close to 0, 0. Right now, it’s a little tedious to shift cards around to make room close to the upper-left origin area. I’d like some way to make that easier.

I think this use case is pretty common. I see it happening in Pirijan’s Life Tasks. In general, the upper-left area of a space is prime real estate. And often the most important information is the most recent.

Sometimes I accomplish this by selecting all cards and making room that way.

An analogy with a document: when you open a document, you see the top x lines. You can easily start typing new stuff at the top, and that naturally pushes text down. I’d like something similar to that, but in the 2D spatial world. Obviously it’s different and harder.

What do others think?


i can’t find the forum post, (it was an aside inside a larger thread) , I proposed a directional select feature where instead of just the current ‘select all things Under my cursor’ (cmd-shift-a), you could interactively choose to ‘select all things NW (or any direction) of my cursor’

It might still be too blunt of a tool for spaces where things are mushed together tightly tho

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