How much are you using different connection types?

I find this feature super cool and yet, I am not really using different connection types much. Sometimes I may use them for different colors but even that is not so often. Why is it so?
Do you have the similar problem? Could be the experience with them somehow improved? :slight_smile:

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What are you finding lackluster with the experience that would need to be improved?

I use different connections for a few reasons:

  • “type” so the connection itself has a meaning.
  • “by card” so each “header” or “significant” card has it’s own color/type to help identify where things are coming from
  • “area/paragraph” - if I have a string of cards that follow each other, like a few paragraphs (usually through SHIFT + ENTER), I’ll connect them all with the same color and then do a different color if I do something similar in a different area / different string of thoughts.

I use them less with the filter capability and more so I can scan and get a sense of where things are coming from and what they mean in relation to each other.

I find the mechanism to enable this (Use Same Connection Type and Shift + Drag for a new color) pretty great for my use cases.


Yeah, I am sure there are people using them intensively, but how many?
I think that one of the main reasons I am not using them as often is

  • that it is rather too many clicks to change tem
  • that they feel instable because they are not global, as far as I understood. So even if I define them, I would need to define them every time new. Or am I missing something?

That’s fair. I don’t care about the semantics in the same way I do about colors of cards (and tags obviously) that I mentioned in your color palette post.

For me, if it’s a small space, they don’t matter too much. If it’s a big space, it’s easy to get the gist of what my connections mean quickly. Plus, if needed, I can reuse a color from my favorites, but that’s pretty rare.

Changing is two clicks though. I’m not sure you can get faster than that. If you need to adjust a color, that’s three, but that’s where I’d really recommend a workflow that utilizes Shift + Drag: once you have a good set of cards on the page, go back and make all of connections “a”, shift + drag to make connection “b”, make all of connections “b”, etc. that way at set-up it’s straight forward. Then you can adjust colors, labels, etc. by selecting any individual connection. And when you inevitably create more “a”s and “b”s, etc. later, you can drag those out, highlight them and switch them over.

Just my two cents :blush: I do agree that if they were global like Tags, there could be some cool use cases. Although I think that inevitably gets more fiddle and more clicks than less. There’d also probably have to be some mechanism that only makes labeled connections global to avoid a list going to “Connection Type 999999”.