How to encode question and answer

I’ve brought this up as part of the twitter thread about journaling, but I think it’s worth asking explicitly. One of the forms of data I capture with Kinopio is and question and answer.

What is the best way to “encode” this?

In the context of personal knowledge management and journaling, I’d like a way to reference my answers. Is there a way you were thinking that would make querying for this easier?

thanks for asking, things get lost in long twitter threads

I think the first option: parent + connected children is the canonical kinopio way to structure this. Maybe with the parent being also loosely tagged. As for querying it, that’s a harder question.

The place I’d probably start with answering this is making an easy api endpoint to query for cards connected to a specific card.

From there at least there’s a dev-friendly way to float/track this data programmatically.

Longer term, I’d want to build an interface to be able to search cards, and optionally display their children in the results.

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That’s really good to know. AFAICT, there’s no directionality of connections indicated in the UI, right? I know I can tell from the API, though. So, by child, do you mean cards where connections end?

That’d be neat. I can currently accomplish it via the API, but something more direct would be useful.

that would be sweet (displaying children of a card result)

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there’s no directionality of connections indicated in the UI, right?

not yet, I have really ambitious plans for how to do this in the future

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