I can upload all kinds of files that aren't images

Hey Pirijan and Kinopians,

I was just messing around and I dragged a pptx file onto Kinopio. It happily uploaded to the linode space and displayed in the card as a link. I’m guessing that’s not very desirable behaviour for sustainability of your storage account!


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oh no that’s totally intentional. There’s lots of situations where you might want to quickly share a file with people or keep a file reference in a space .

To prevent abuse, there’s an upload size limit for free users (~i think around 5mb)


Okey dokey! Feel free to close! :blush:


On a related note, I wonder if non-“supported” file types can be rendered on the card with just the file name and an icon.


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that’s a great idea,

I’d have to make the list of supported files and icons myself,

do you have any suggestions of filetypes to start with , in addition to pptx?

(actually if you do can you make a new thread for this?)