I received invoices for $0 today 🤔

I have 2 paid accounts at the moment, which usually bill at different times of the month, but today I received 2 invoice emails at the same time – one to each account.

First says:

Payment: $0 for Apr 30, 2021 – May 15, 2021
Invoice #: 77FEEA1-0001

Second says:

Payment: $0 for Apr 30, 2021 – May 23, 2021
Invoice #: 530788D-0001

I assume there’s a reason this happened, and presumably it happened for all users, but just a heads up incase it’s not something that was intended.


Same here:

Payment: $0 for Apr 30, 2021 – May 8, 2021
Invoice #: EB4E1DB-0001
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yup that was a bug caused by me switching stripe accounts from a usa business to a canadian one. You haven’t been charged and you’re subscription should continue on as normal.

I sent a notice out to everyone affected yesterday, but maybe it didn’t arrive?

(this whole stripe account thing has been a real ordeal, but that should be the hardest/scariest part done)