Inviting Someone Should Trigger Referral

Right now when I invite someone to collaborate with me on Kinipio and they don’t have an account, I don’t get the referral link if they sign up. Instead, I would have to send them a referral link first, tell them to sign up, then click send them another link to get access to the content. This is not the best experience. It would be nice if the invite served as a referral as well. If they accessed an invite link and they signed up for a new account, the referral bonus should be applied.


Hey you’re right it def should work like that so it sounds like a bug. I’ll investigate this tomorrow , thanks for letting me know:)

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So I wasn’t able to replicate this issue. When I sent someone a regular invite link from my regular account:

(Share → Invite)

to a new user who clicks on that link, they’ll see these notifications about referral credits in the bottom of the page:

CleanShot 2023-09-29 at 10.46.12@2x

and when they go to sign up they’ll be reminded about their credits:

Is it possible that maybe you shared a regular url to the space instead of the invite link? feel free to dm me the url you used

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Thanks, @pirijan. I actually wasn’t sure if that was the default behavior as I’ve always sent my colleagues invite links to my Kinopios, but I was wondering why I never received any referrals. I see that it works as intended and invite links are actually in read-only mode which could explain it now. Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for digging into it.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Ya invite links are read only until they sign up (you need an account to edit currently), and you only get the referral credit when/if they sign up.