iOS app: move items to new Space stuck, cards sometimes lost

If I select multiple cards and move to a space, which I attempt to create before moving, the process gets stuck like in the screenshot:

If I tap anywhere else, the process stops.

Sometimes, the cards get actually moved but to the void: they get lost.

For a short period, the app will show the created space in the list of the most recent ones, but it will disappear by itself.


I have also experienced this


possibly related report: Discord

Today, in the desktop app, I tried copying cards from one space to another. I’m not sure what’s happening, but one didn’t make it (and was removed from the original space), and the space the cards were being copied to occasionally gets one of these little blank cards. I’ve deleted it and it comes back, usually after the app says that it loses sync with the server then re-establishes connection. (I’m on a 2.5GB wired ethernet connection.) Is copying stable, or should I avoid it and moving things?

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bump , working on this now

possibly related cases:

:white_check_mark: Copy cards to new space doesn't finish - #2 by pirijan

:white_check_mark: Paint select -> copy into same space

also add fallback for firefox’s lack of paste/clipboard support

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WIP core issue reported here is fixed, working on fixing the other related cases above and shipping everything out together