Ios widgets to show space preview images, and todos

I think that I want the Kinopio widget on my iPad to display a certain page and to be as huge as possible. I don’t see how to accomplish that. Am I missing something?

there’s no iOS widget currently to do that, but a widget that just shows the space previewImage for a specific space might be a cool idea but only if there’s enough demand. That said, I think you could do this yourself using widgetSmith or the shortcuts app:

  • get the previewImage url of the space you want by opening the browser console and copying the previewImage from the line that says updated space preview image (it’ll show up a couple seconds after the space is loaded for the first time in 10 mins) . this previewImage url is static so it’ll always be the same
  • use this img path to create a widget that periodically displays and refreshes this image , and clicking on the image opens the url for the space

I tried that, thanks. Rephrasing: I like the way that Apple’s “Reminder” widget appears on the home screen in a “heads up” manner and allows me to check off completed items. I was wondering whether I would like having my Kinopio TODO list appear on the home screen and allow me to interact with it. AFAICT, the only way to view and interact with Kinopio is to open it full-screen. (edited)

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This would be “easy” if there existed a browser (Safari?) widget that displayed a web page without needing to take up the entire screen.

there probably isn’t a widget that shows a whole webpage for performance reasons, which is why I’m proposing just loading the preview image instead

I suspect that “performance” is on its way. Are you aware of “Stage Manager” on the MacOSX desktop? It shows live windows of minimized apps. I find this incredibly useful as a dev (one of a number of reasons why I will probably never switch back to Linux). I wonder if my iPad Pro has better Apple silicon it in than my desktop? OTOH, the “Reminder” widget isn’t fully live, but, it is good enough. Same with the clock and weather widgets.