Kinopio Birthday Party in Kinopio

I’m not totally sure when Kinopio first released, but I see the Hello Kinopio blog post was in August 2019.

Inspired by the Party in a shared google doc, I wondered if we could have an all-day drop in birthday party for Kinopio??

I’d really like to use the live collaboration features which I haven’t tried before, and I think the Kinopio “energy” would suit this kind of event really well! People getting creative together and seeing where it goes.

What do you think? :blush:


Cool idea! So sometime in August 2021?

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Yeah! Maybe at a weekend, so it can cover a few timezones. Do you know what weekend would be closest to when Kinopio was “born”? :sweat_smile:

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looking through my commit history for the client repo,

the first commit was may 16, but that was basically just a default vue project

here are the earliest commits in august

I couldn’t find any clear ‘public release’ type of milestone commits though so we can keep specific dates flexible. Basically, what’s the most convenient time/day for the most ppl in august would work for me. Maybe the first weekend, is Saturday aug 7 the easiest?


I have a thing on Sunday 8th so if it was on Saturday 7th in GMT/UTC zone that would be swell :grin:

I imagined it could be centered on a space that was yours, Pirijan, so it’s got that “official” feel, and could be promoted thru the Kinopio twitter if you saw fit?

And if people link to out-of-band things like other Kinopio spaces, this forum, and even Discord channels then we just welcome that… it’s all jazz, man :saxophone: Don’t want to rules lawyer how people have an online party… :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m down with that, I’ll make a plan in a couple days. Basically, maybe I:

  • promote the bday a week ahead
  • make the initial space, inviting other ppl to share their fav spaces, anecdotes
  • promote it on the day
  • we hang out , see what gets made and shared
  • and then i share the space after

how does that sound?

do you think it should only live in space, or should there be a vid chat component ? I probably wouldn’t be able to be in there 24/7 tho and I wouldn’t want it to feel like a ghost town

My opinion is to schedule a short time that folks can video chat (like for an hour?). Have an RSVP to ensure enough participation. But keep it informal and low pressure. :slight_smile:

is there a preferred way to have an RSVP? (google form? open kinopio space?)

for the purposes of setting up a kinopio party, I think using kinopio would be fitting and capable :slight_smile:


Again, coming from the influence of that Google sheets party I think it would be fun if Kinopio was the only first-class venue, video chat is exhausting!

Collab in Kinopio looks very active and colourful and tangible. I think it gives a sense of presence and personality from the videos I’ve seen. I just think it’s a cool opportunity to go deep on Kinopio’s strong points without depending on zoom and its ilk.

RSVP in it’s own space would be cool :slight_smile:

And your plan posted above sounds good Pirijan :+1:

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Yo, it’s August

No obligation to do this, just thought you might appreciate the reminder. Could be a good marketing thing :+1:


since this thread started there’s now a kinopio discourse that might get be a better place to get this thing started :slight_smile:

Not as grass-roots, but I do have other additional (secret for now) plans for the 2yr occassion too (tba in the next few weeks)


Yeah, fair enough, I’ll have to get on the Discord some time :sweat_smile:

2yr sounds mysterious and exciting!