Lines to nowhere

I really like many design decisions in Kinopio and its unique personality but I still have (even after so long time) very basic issues, like this (Kinopio – Thinking Canvas):

I have no idea what is happening here, but this and similar issues (like cards changing their position out of nowhere) happen often and they are the main reason why I am using nowadays Kinopio rarely. I pay the subscription in order to support the project, but I hope these things will be fixed and I will be able to enjoy Kinopio more.

The lines disappeared when I slightly moved the green rectangle.

But I am sure the problem will appear again.
I also see that the whole space became broken and I need to fix it. This happens often and I am unsure how it will look like for the visitor.

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this happened a couple times in the past because of changes to the connection pathing algorythm. the new system is much more robust, but it doesn’t auto fix old spaces. Once you correct those old spaces by jiggling the card as you did you should not see the issue of broken connections appearing in that space again. Let me know if you do though